How to Use

Your ATIRApaySM card works just like a normal debit card, except that it is linked to your prepaid ATIRApay account instead of a checking account with a financial institution. To use your card, simply present the card to a cashier or enter the card number online to make your purchase.

Make Everyday Purchases

This means you can get gas, groceries or anything else you would normally use cash for. You can use your card to make purchases online, by phone or in person almost anywhere VISA/MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The purchase amount is simply deducted from the card’s available balance.

You can use the ATIRApay card as many times as you like, as long as there is a positive balance on the card. The balance on your card goes up when your employer uses direct deposit to add your paychecks to your ATIRApay account.

Gain Access to ATMs

Because your ATIRApay card has a PIN associated with it (for debit purchases), you also have the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM with your card. Use our ATM locator to find an ATM near you or learn more about how your card can interact with ATMs.